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歡迎光臨新竹拇指園民宿 Taiwan Thumb-up Retreat B & B【官方網站】
“拇指園”是 Tripadvisor 新竹縣人氣榜排名第一的民宿,2016年“世界旅行者之選”獎得主。本園座落於好山好水的長壽村關西鎮內,距離北二高關西交流道約 5 分鐘車程。園地約 一公頃 ,三面環河、形如拇指、故得其名。園內有數顆百年茄苳神木及各種大樹,種了上百種果樹及來自世界各地的奇花異草。養了各種自由生活和平共處的動物,包括貓、狗、馬,孔雀、兔子、鴿子、雞、鴨、鵝、火雞、朱雞、蜜蜂 … 等等。尤其在繁殖籠中養了數十種稀有鸚鵡,繁殖出來的小鸚鵡在園內自由飛行,還會自動飛到牠們喜歡的客人肩上。房子造型是別具一格的六角形,各面都開者大面窗,四季都有不同的自然景致迎攬入室,彷彿世外桃源。園內還有樹屋、觀溪亭、柴燒窯、景觀廁所 … 等特殊設備。
本園的主人是國際知名研究維根思坦、老子的哲學家 - 范光棣,他獲得夏威夷大學哲學系博士後一直在北美大學教授哲學, 10多年前在出國 40 年後他決定落葉歸根,把晚年奉獻給家鄉。先出任成大藝研所所長,後在明新科大創設休閒系。在業餘時間他把祖先留下來的一片荒地闢建成一個完全有機的自然農園,把自己喜歡的老莊哲學付諸實踐,過著返樸歸真、自給自足、天人合一的休閒生活。歡迎大家來分享現代陶淵明的生活。
GPS座標:24。48'15.15""北 121。08'00.59""東
都需要預約.電話:035868800, 0933980977, 0919925992
或 Paypal:muzhigarden@gmail.com
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This secluded retreat with only 2 guest rooms is filled with first class travel amenities and warm personalized hospitality. Perfect choice for a romantic getaway or weekend retreat. It is ranked No.1 among 43 B&B's in Hsinchu County by Tripadvisor and the winner of 2016 "Traveller's Choice Award".  The host is the internationally known Wittgenstein and Laozi scholar K. T. Fann. After retiring in 1995 from teaching philosophy in York University in Toronto, he returned to his native village and turned an abandoned 1 hectre ancestral farm into an organic retirement paradise. He designed and built a unique six-sided home flanked by two guest rooms, all with large windows allowing full views of the seasonal changes of the picturesque scenery outside. He planted many century-old trees; more than 100 kinds of fruit trees and flowering plants. He keeps and breeds all kinds of rare parrots and some of them are flying free and will land on guests' shoulders. There are chickens, ducks, geese, fowls, peacocks, rabbits, etc. running free. He also keeps honeybees and collects his own honey and pollen.
The property is surrounded on three sides by a river and shaped like a thumb, thus named Thumb-up retreat. On one side there is a glass pagoda and on the other side a scenic washroom with an open view to the river. There is a lily pond and a fish pond on the premise. In addition, there is a treehouse where guests are invited to have special fresh cinnamon leaf tea. Recently, a wood-firing pizza and bread oven and a ceramic kiln were built. He does everything by hand and is completely self-sufficient in food. All in all he has created his own Taoist paradise and lives a life of simplicity in harmony with nature. You are welcomed to come experience it yourself.
Thumb-up Retreat B & B-花香房
新竹拇指園民宿 Taiwan Thumb-up Retreat B & B-Thumb-up Retreat B & B-花香房
Thumb-up Retreat B & B-鳥語房
新竹拇指園民宿 Taiwan Thumb-up Retreat B & B-Thumb-up Retreat B & B-鳥語房
Thumb-up Retreat B & B-樹屋
新竹拇指園民宿 Taiwan Thumb-up Retreat B & B-Thumb-up Retreat B & B-樹屋
Thumb-up Retreat B &B-園内繁殖的鹦鹉
新竹拇指園民宿 Taiwan Thumb-up Retreat B & B-Thumb-up Retreat B &B-園内繁殖的鹦鹉
*2 rooms only
*Each 5m/6m with penthouse
*Each with full bathroom
cable T.V.
wireless internet
*One with piano
*Check in 16:00pm, check out 11:00am
Room rates
Room rates
*Double occupancy,one room: NTD 6000/day
For each additional person add NTD 1000/day. (Max addition 2 in one room, 4 in another), includes breakfast.
*Reserving the whole B&B (10 persons Max): NTD 24000/day, include breakfast, afternoon tea and dinner.

Booking rules
*By reservation only. Please contact us by e-mail: muzhigarden@gmail.com or phone us at +886-35868800 or +886-933-980-977 or +886-919-925-992
*Deposit of NTD 2000/room is required to secure your reservation.
Please deposit by ATM to Bank No.700, A/C: 0061308-0510571
Or by Paypal, Acc. name: muzhigarden@gmail.com
Other services available
*Meals arrangement
*Tour/sightseeing assistance
*We can also provide customised in-depth tour of Taiwan.
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電話:886-933980977,886-919925992 傳真:886-35868800 手機:886-919925992、886-933980977
新竹拇指園民宿 Taiwan Thumb-up Retreat B & B地址:新竹縣關西鎮6ShanglinLi,Kuanhsi,HsinchuCounty,Taiwan306 
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